Bond, Deconstructed

Another Way To Die, the Quantum of Solace theme track, is rather fascinating in its construction. Or is it quite the opposite, actually, a deconstruction, to quote The World Is Not Enough?

The song basically fuses classic elements of all the Bond trax from Goldfinger on up, changing the drawn out “Goooooooooold” or “Thunder-baaaaaaaawl” to a more peppy staccato “oh-oh-oh-oh” and refining all Bond sound down to a bit of drummin’ here, a bit of guitar thrum there. The lyrics are likewise minimal. Pretty intriguing.

Like deconstructed brownie where chocolate, burnt flour and syrup are laid out as separate elements on a diner’s plate as offerings from revisionist (and probably lazy) chefs, AWTD is a deconstructed and yet magically appealing Bond tune. Never thought Keys and White could pull it off…

Note that some of the guitar riffs are right from the Bond theme but with doubled notes–just as Monty Norman doubled his tune from “A House For Mr. Biswas” for his James Bond theme!

Also, the Bond theme is definitely heard long before the end credits and throughout the QOS David Arnold soundtrack, just again riffs here and there–deconstructed.

Your thoughts on the QOS music extravaganza? It’s just, it’s just… another way to die-ie!

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