Bond 20 Rumors Send Fans Into Frenzy

In the absence of any official word from EON or MGM about the state of production on the next Bond flick, the rumor mill, which was quite dormant for a while, has exploded with a vengenance the past few weeks.

The latest rumor, which was posted on a well known entertainment gossip website, involved the supposed return of Bruce Feirstein to script writing duties with a story that dealt with a “money scam”. This sent the fans into a foaming frenzy(an issue we will get to shortly) both pro and con. Where ever your sympathies fall on this issue, you can relax. Bruce Feirstein is NOT, I repeat NOT writing Bond 20. Not only is he not writing the film, but it has absolutely nothing to do with a “money scam” as alleged elsewhere, nor is it going to be based on any rough drafts or first drafts of other scripts written by Feirstein, as Cinescape`s website claimed several weeks ago. Mr. Feirstein has told 007Forever that he is in possession of any and all drafts, scripts, notes, etc…relating to his work in the Bond series and EON is not adapting old work and has no plans to.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago when we told you that Judi Dench was still “M” (a fact officially confirmed last week by EON at and that the title was not BEYOND THE ICE, we don`t reprint or link to rumors, particulalry those that are recycled, patently or obviously false, or those that originate from tabloids. Major news outlets and other Bond websites that should`ve known better chose to run or link to those scurrilous stories and then never bothered to issue a retraction when they were proven wrong. So why did we mention the Bruce Feirstein rumor? Three reasons: #1 To tell you that it was wrong #2 To tell you why it was wrong and #3 To set our policy on reporting news and information regarding the next James Bond film.

Not only was the rumor offbase, but the person proffering this supposed tidbit of news had his facts all wrong. He was either a complete idiot who knew nothing about how the Bond series is produced or had no style (anyone who thinks Renny Harlin is a “genius” needs to have their head checked). The bottom line here is that 007Forever is not going to track down every crackpot rumor to find out if it is true or not. We don`t have the time for it, and since most don`t pan out anyway, it would be an incredible waste of our time and yours. If we mention it on our site, in our newsletter, or on our message boards, you can be reasonably certain that it is the truth. If you hear a rumor but we`ve not mentioned it anywhere on the site it is because we know it to be false. Who would know better what is going on with the state of production on a Bond film than a website completely devoted to James Bond? Think about it.

So where does the production stand? Despite what other sites may be telling you, here are the cold, hard facts: Robert Wade and Neal Purvis are the writers but they have, as yet, turned in no script and no draft and from what we have been told, they have no story idea(s) from which to develop a script. In other words, there is little to no movement regarding a script right now.

The title is NOT, I repeat, NOT BEYOND THE ICE. There is NO TITLE. The film can`t be partially set in Alaska when there is no script, right? They could only plan a stunt to be filmed there…

Edward Woodward is NOT, I repeat, NOT replacing Judi Dench as “M” and for that matter Gretchen Mol has NOT been cast as a Bond Girl. No casting decisions have been made at this time.

The film is not about a “money scam”. No script, no draft, no nothing has been sent to directors John McTiernan, Danny Boyle, Stephen Herak or Anthony Minghella. In fact, Michael Apted IS, I repeat, IS The Director on record for the next film.

If it sounds like we are a bit weary of all these rumors running around, you are right. The Internet has created a society of webheads who have developed a bloodlust for the latest little bit of gossip, rumor or innuendo about the next Bond film, regardless of how far fetched or stupid it is. We now live in a culture that wants its information like it wants its Big Mac: fast, easy, quick, convenient and totally disposable.

The next Bond film is at least 1 year away from filming and at least 2 years away from hitting theaters. There will be plenty of time to track the latest goings on from the set of the next Bond film (a set we intend to visit). So between now and then, we are just going to relax, enjoy ourselves, and look at all the other fascinating aspects of the James Bond universe.

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