Bible Thumps Bond Stars

We noticed during a re-airing of the NBC miniseries “In The Beginning,” not less than five Bond stars making key role appearances!

Steven Berkoff, General Orlov in Octopussy, played Potiphar, the slave owner whose wife tries unsuccessfully to seduce the biblical Joseph

Jacqueline Bisset who made her first onscreen appearance for Casino Royale is now old enough to have portrayed Sarah, matriarch of the Jewish and Arab peoples

Christopher Lee played Rameses, “The Pharaoh With The Golden Empire” to turn a phrase

Diana Rigg of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service portrayed Rebecca, Issac’s wife

Art Malik, who was Kamran Shah in The Living Daylights played the Pharoah of the Exodus.

–Any resemblance between the legacy of James Bond 007 and that of the Holy Bible is purely coincidental.

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