BackBurner Trailer Released Online

“Mr. Bond has created a great deal of pain for me…extend him the same courtesy.”–A Pepper For Tomorrow Arch-Villain Emilio Pepperfinger

Gunfire, motorcycle and martial arts stunts, explosions and pumping cues from Hunter Hadaway’s score fill the stunning “A Pepper For Tomorrow” trailer, just released to 007Forever from Deano Williams Productions.

The incredible video, which rivals some of the best action and fun our favorite British agent has delivered over the years, is chock full of all that has been kept on BackBurner’s editing backburner since this incredibly and tortuously slothful movie production began ponderously sometime long ago. As Emilio and Mr. Bond themselves have quipped:


“It is, isn’t it.”

“As far as you know.”

Seriously, any fan grabbing the trailer from 007Forever’s multimedia section will be handsomely rewarded with plenty of fun and excitement. This trailer is sure to please! (Our apologies to Mac fans, Quicktime format on this .avi trailer is forthcoming.)

We have also provided wallpaper highlighting the forthcoming New Year’s release in major theatres…nowhere worldwide.

Enjoy the adventure and keep us posted with your comments on the trailer and related BackBurner and Bond Collectors’ Weekend stories at 007Forever Collectors’ Corner.

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