AVTAK: Willoughby Gray as Dr. Carl Mortner

Subject: Dr. Carl Mortner aka Hans Glaub
Organization: Zorin Industries
Height: 5`9″
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Hazel
Skills: Interoggation; Torture; Local Customs; Disguise; Stealth; Evasion; Fire Combat; Explosives
Weaknesses: Limited eyesight

Background: Dr. Mortner was a pioneer in the field of steroid development. Unfortunately, that development was at the expense of Jewish women and children in concentration camps during World War II. Dr. Carl Mortner is actually Hans Glaub, an ex-Nazi entrusted with the job of using steroids to create a super race of human beings.

When Germany fell at the end of the war, and it began to be carved in two, Russia feared that Western intelilligence agencies would get their hands on Glaub, or at least on his research. So they set Glaub up with his own research facilities deep within the heart of the country, where Glaub was allowed to test and manipulate steroid developments on unborn fetuses. Though most of the steroid babies ended up aborting, a few survived, and with phenomenal I.Q`s. There was one side effect though: they were all psychotics.

Glaub`s prize creation was Max Zorin, a blonde hair, blue eyed Aryan psychopath. Other creations of Glaub`s include Jenny Flex and Pan Ho. Glaub became a father figure to Zorin, Flex and Pan Ho, and eventually Zorin and Glaub became KGB agents and were “allowed” to defect to the West to further the Soviet Empire`s objectives.

Those objectives became undermined by Zorin`s reckless industrial and personal pursuits. His sloppy and suspect racing activities invited inquiry by the French Jockey Association, and his business ventures, like the takeover of Sutton Oil, have left him wide open for accusations of monopolizing. Through all of it, Glaub has been right in the middle, and it was his steroid/microchip invention that gave Pegasus her extra stamina.

After it was clear that Operation:Mainstrike had been defeated by Bond, Glaub, Zorin and Scarpine tried to kill 007 by slamming him into The Golden Gate Bridge. Mortner fired off several shots at 007, but after emptying his round, he lit a bundle of dynamite, only to have it fall from his grip. The bundle exploded, causing the Zeppelin to implode and fall into the Bay. Glaub died instantly.

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