AVTAK: Grace Jones as Mayday

Subject: May Day
Organization: Zorin Industries
Height: 5`10″
Age: 30
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weaknesses: None
Skills: Firearms; Disguise; Stealth; Skydiving; Driving; Hand To Hand Combat; Mountaineering; Torture; Interrogation; Demolitions
Method of Killing: Random

Background: Most of MayDay`s background is a mystery as she`s a woman who prefers actions to words. She`s American, born on May 1st in Gary, Indiana. Worked as a lion tamer before being spotted by Max Zorin. Now she`s his bodyguard and his lover. As his bodyguard she has the responsibility of taking care of anyone who would get in Zorin`s way.

In Paris, she once disguised herself as a member of a dinner theater troupe and assasinated an individual of the Paris Racing Committee. He was looking into Zorin`s racing affairs and she took him out with a butterfly hook laced with poison and then did a parachute jump off the Eiffel Tower. She`s strangled a horse jockey named Tibbett and a CIA contact named Chuck Lee, sent a Russian spy down into the twirling blades of an oil refinery, burned down San Francisco City Hall, and tried to drop both 007 and Stacy Sutton down a mine shaft. She is a hands on criminal, who has no qualms about killing. Her methods have varied in the past and if her seduction skills were higher she may have been 007`s greatest female threat.

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