AVTAK: David Yip as Chuck Lee

Subject: Chuck Lee
Organization: CIA
Age: 28
Height: 5`7″
Weight: 155lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Munitions; Hand to Hand Combat; Small Arms Fire
Weaknesses: None
Fields of Expertise: None

Background: A rookie CIA operative, Chuck Lee was stationed in San Francisco and was instrumental in bringing down Zorin`s nefarious plan to sink Silicon Valley into the ocean. He provided James Bond with invaluable information on Chuck Connolly and Hans Glaub that allowed Bond to piece together all the parts of the puzzle. Unfortunately, Lee`s career was cut short when he was taken out by Mayday with a stranglehold to the neck. Lee`s dream of someday working with 007 was finally fulfilled. He was a rising star in the CIA prior to his demise and will be sorely missed.

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