AVTAK: Christopher Walken as Max Zorin

Subject: Max Zorin
Organization: Zorin Industries
Height: 5`11″
Weight: 195 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blues
Skills: Interogation; Torture; Fire Combat; Disguise; Stealth; Boating; Explosives; Riding
Method of Killing:Random
Fields of Expertise:Computer Science; Horse Breeding

Background: Byproduct of a fiendish Nazi experiment, Max Zorin is a wealthy industrialist in the computer microchip industry. His quest for complete and total domination of the world microchip market endangered millions of lives.

Zorin`s background before immigrating to the West is somewhat sketchy, but his alliance with Dr. Carl Mortner, who we already have identified as Hans Glaub, a Nazi war criminal, makes many suspect that Zorin was the product of steroid experiments on Jewish women in the Concentration Camps during World War Two. The Nazi`s created super intelligent men from those steroid experiments, but there was one side effect: many were psychotic. Zorin`s the right age to be a steroid baby and he`s definitely a psychotic.

His quest for world microchip market domination lead him to create Operation: Mainstrike, a plan to destroy Silicon Valley via an earthquake he triggers. To do that he had to take over Sutton Oil Company and the wells along the San Andreas Fault that they controlled.

Zorin has no loyalty. No feelings. He would kill anyone at the drop of a hat, whether it be for business reasons or simply for fun. He has actually been heard to laugh while mass slaughtering hundreds of workers. His evil deeds have included killing over a hundred mine workers, the Mayor of San Francisco, and he even tried to kill his bodyguard lover MayDay. He was killed after an 800 foot fall from the Golden Gate Bridge where it was reported that he laughed all the way down to his death.

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