AVTAK: Allison Doody as Jenny Flex

Subject: Jenny Flex (pictured right) and Pan Ho (pictured left)
Organization: Zorin Industries
Height: 5`9″ (Jenny); 5`2″ (Pan Ho)
Weight: 115 lbs (Jenny); 97lbs (Pan Ho)
Hair: Blonde (Jenny); Black (Pan Ho)
Eyes: Data unavailable.
Skills: Jenny Flex: Seduction, Firearms, Horseback riding, Driving, Stealth; Pan Ho: Charisma, Driving, Fire Combat, Seduction, Pickpocket
Weaknesses: None
Method of Killing: Random

Background: A deadly duo the likes of which haven`t been seen since Bambi and Thumper. Jenny Flex and Pan Ho are another breed of Dr. Carl Mortner`s “super race” of genetically engineered human beings. Born in the Soviet Union like Zorin, they were both psychotics, conscienceless, and were very loyal to Max. Their loyalty to him was betrayed though, when he sent them on a mission to hunt down 007 and Stacy Sutton in the shafts of the Mainstrike Mine. As soon as they were inside, Zorin flooded the San Andreas fault, sweeping Pan Ho and Jenny to their deaths. A fitting tribute for these twin terrors. Prior to dying, their crimes included: assisting in the murder of Tibbett; dumping 007`s body in a lake to drown; the strongarming of General Gogol and his men; the killing of Howe and the subsequent coverup via burning down City Hall; the attempt to create a massive earthquake that would destroy Silicon Valley. It was their own plan to kill millions that resulted in their own deaths.

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