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Desmond Llewelyn as Major Boothroyd, “Q”

Born in South Wales in 1914, Desmond Llewelyn has a career in the Arts that spans nearly 60 years, yet is best known for his role as “Q” the gadget man in 16 of 18 Bond films. But if it weren`t for a bit of luck along the way, Desmond may never have been as famous as he is today.

His family was opposed to his interest in theater and tried to prevent him from pursuing that course. An uncle who was a high ranking police officer arranged for Desmond to take the department`s physical exam. He flunked the eye test, he felt because the inspector was drunk with a hangover. He didn`t get the job. He was accepted to RADA (Royal Academy for the Dramatic Arts) in the mid 1930s. The outbreak of World War II stopped his acting career temporarily., and Llewelyn went to fight, eventually becoming a prisioner of war by the Germans.

After the war, Llewelyn was intent on reviving his career. He had a small part in Cleopatra which filmed in Rome. There, he became part of a repatory theater group who were on “call”. If producers had an urgent need to fill a role, Desmond could be counted on. All totaled, Desmond figures he did nearly 50 plays a year back in his theater days.

Luck again played a part in the progression of his career when the original “Q”, Peter Burton, was unavailable to reprise his role in From Russia With Love. Llewelyn, who knew the director, Terence Young, from a film they had worked on together previously called They Were Not Divided and got the call to play “Q”, a role he`s had ever since. The only time he didn`t play Q was in Live and Let Die. There are conflicting stories about why, but the most prevalent one is that the producers wanted to tone down the emphasis on gadgets.

Most people would think that with all of Desmond`s accumulated knowledge of gadgets that he`d be good with the real thing. But he`s not. “I`m not very good with gadgets. I really am not” says Llewelyn. “In the undergrounds [subways] in England, you have this ticket that you push into a machine, it comes out and the barrier opens. Well, 10 to 1, mine always sticks! I don`t know why. I watch and everybody goes through and I don`t and then people say, `Well, I thought you would be able to make it work` .

With the enormous success of the Bond series, Desmond`s biggest fear came true: typecasting. “It`s not just the gneral public, but it`s the directors, casting directors, and everybody else. I`m absolutely stuck as Q and nobody thinks I can do anything else. After all, I am an actor…but I can`t get anybody to realize that.”

Desmond counts among his favorite Bond films License To Kill (because he had his largest role ever) and Tomorrow Never Dies (he made the most money he`s ever made on a Bond film). Desmond counts among his best fans the Germans; “The Germans are absolutely terrific. They sold a million copies of GoldenEye on video there, and eventually they gave me a video Oscar, what for , I don`t know. The Germans are mad about Bond. They really are.”

Desmond was notorious among the Bond family for being the worst at remembering his lines. He once told The Incredible World of 007 “On For Your Eyes Only, I was having difficulty with my script-as usua! John Glen came up and said : “We have a good idea. We`re going to put in a new bit-can you learn this quickly?” I looked at it and said “For God`s sake, this is complicated gibberish! I couldn`t possibly learn all this in time” He said, “Of course you can” I spent the whole of lunch trying to study this bloody stuff and when I finally said I thought I knew it, John and Roger burst into laughter. Roger always took full advantage of my difficulty in learning lines.”

Desmond has spent the past few years basking in the rejuvenation of the Bond series. He filmed a commercial for Playstation`s video game version of Tomorrow Never Dies. He flew to California to promote License To Thrill, the new 007 theme park ride at Paramount. He joined Pierce Brosnan and Jay Leno on The Tonight Show to promote Tomorrow Never Dies. He also attends various Bond conventions around Europe and America, and has confirmed that he will be back in the next James Bond film. Faulty memory and all.

Born: South Wales, England

David Arnold

David Arnold rose to worldwide recognition thanks to his rousing score for the box office smash hit “Independence Day”, though he was hardly an overnight success. His first work of note was for the 1993 film “The Young Americans”, which spawned the hit “Play Dead”. His next big break came from the release of “Stargate”, a 1994 box office hit. His collaboration with Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich on their film “Stargate” led to his job scoring their next film “Independence Day”. That film would earn him a 1997 Grammy for “Best Instrumental Composition Written For A Motion Picture Or Television”.

In 1998 EastWest Records released “Shaken, Not Stirred: The David Arnold Collection”, a compilation album that featured remakes of some of the most beloved standards in the Bond musical legacy. He also scored the next Devlin/Emmerich production “Godzilla”, as well as the Freddie Prinze flick “Wing Commander”. In 1999 Arnold returned to Bond to score “The World Is Not Enough”. He is expected back for the next James Bond film.

Born: Luton, England

Charles Gray (1928-2000)

LONDON (Reuters) – Charles Gray, the British actor best known for his portrayal of the cat-loving but otherwise villainous Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever,“ died on Tuesday, his agent said on Wednesday.

Gray, who was 71, specialized in smooth, unsympathetic roles and played Blofeld to perfection. Of the four actors who have played Blofeld, which include Max Von Sydow, Donald Pleasance, Charles Gray and Telly Savalas, only Von Sydow remains alive today.

Blofeld was the head of SPECTRE, the Special Executive for Counter Espionage, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, a shadowy private organization which specialized in holding the world to ransom and devising increasingly more intricate ways of trying to kill Bond. Gray also played Dikko Hendeson in the 1967 Bond film “You Only Live Twice”.

Gray, who died in hospital, also starred in “The Mirror Crack`d“ an Agatha Christie adaptation, and the wartime drama “Night of the Generals.“

He also gained a curious type of fame when he provided a voice for actor Jack Hawkins, who had his larynx removed in an operation for throat cancer.

His death follows that of veteran actor Desmond Llewelyn, who played the gadgetry expert known as Q in a series of Bond films. Llewelyn, 85, died shortly after appearing in his last Bond film — “The World is Not Enough.“

Bruce Feirstein

Bruce Feirstein is the co-screenwriter of “Goldeneye” and “The World is Not Enough”, as well as head writer for “Tomorrow Never Dies”. He`s enjoyed a multifaceted career as a writer in books, magazines, webzines and film.

Before “Goldeneye”, Feirstein may have best been recognized for his book: “Real Men Don`t Eat Quiche” or “Nice Guys Sleep Alone”. His editorial contributions have appeared in a wide ranging and diverse group of publications such as Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, SPy, The New Repubcli, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, New York Magazine, TV Guide and

His television credits include writing and producing a one act play entitled “The Best Legs in Eigth Grade”, writing and producing the syndicated show “Monsters”, co-producing Mr. President and guest writing on NBC`s “Saturday Night Live”.

Barbara Broccoli

Barbara Broccoli is the head of development for Danjaq and has also worked in the production and casting departments at Eon Productions for a number of years. Though “Goldeneye” marks her first film as a producer, Broccoli has previously worked in different capacities on earlier Bond films. She was an assistant director on “Octopussy” and “A View to a Kill” before moving on to Associate Producer responsibilities with Tom Pevsner on “The Living Daylights” and “Licence to Kill.”

Prior to starting her career, Broccoli earned her degree from Loyola University in Los Angeles, California, where she majored in motion picture and television communications.

GoldenEye marked her first film as a producer on the Bond films and she has gone on to co-produce Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough. She is currenty preparing for the next James Bond film.

Barbara owns her own independent production company, Astoria Productions. In her downtime from Bond, she has produced “Crime of the Century” for HBO, a fact based television drama that covered the Lindbergh baby kidnapping ordeal. It was nominated for four Golden Globes, including Best Film or MiniSeries made for Television.

Albert R. Broccoli

Albert R. Broccoli, often referred to as “Cubby”, was the longstanding patriarch of the Bond series before his death in 1996 due to natural causes. Actors, writers, directors, stage hands come and go but no one else had been involved with Bond from the beginning the way Cubby had.

Cubby Broccoli, along with his initial producing partner Harry Saltzan, early on saw the potential of Ian Fleming`s novels to be turned into thrilling big screen adventures, even when studio heads weren`t so sure. Even after Saltzman relinquished producing duties in 1975, Cubby Broccoli kept the series moving full steam ahead, during difficult times, when many people felt Bond films had run their course.

In 1982 he received the Irving G. Thalberg Award in recognition of his outstanding lifetime achievement as a motion picture producer. He was introduced to the audience by Roger Moore. In 1987 he was honored with an Order of the British Empire and named Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres by the French Government. He is survived by his wife Dana Broccoli.

“World” Smashes All Records

Great news for Bond fans: The World Is Not Enough took in an estimated $37.2 million over its opening weekend!

In a fitful box office weekend with “Sleepy Hollow” nailing $30.5 million, (the first time two films have ever grabbed more than $30 million each in their openers)

Mr. Bond is not “in the shadows but on top.” Even better for MGM`s new owners, TWINE has been the best opening weekend for any film in their 75-year history. That is great news for MI-6 as 007 prepares for battle against his new archrival this month, Toy Story 2.

The Bonds always do well with Canadian fans, and the Montreal Paramount scored an estimated take of $100,000 for Bond XIX.
It seems as though TWINE will not only recap MGM`s estimated $100-$130 million dollar investment for Brosnan: Part III, but will be a “Moneyraker” joining the top twenty box office films in the US, ever!

The World Is Not Enough also grabbed $12 Million in its opening night, demolishing “Pokemon” with five times its take. Sleepy Hollow ran second to Bond with a little over $10 Million. Box Office Mojo estimates Bond peaked at $12,130,000 for a rousing start. For a comparison, Dr. No, which opened in the US in May of 1963, grabbed $16,000,000 for its entire run in the States. “You’ve come a long way, Mr. Bond.”

Bond worldwide has taken over two billion dollars at the box office since its humble beginnings.

Today, the US. Tomorrow, “worldwide domination” as Elliot Carver might say. Cheers, EON!

Sources: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Box Office Mojo

“World” Scores $12 Million Opener!

TWINE opened on 3,165 theatres this weekend to demolish “Pokemon” with five times its Friday night take.

Sleepy Hollow ran second to Bond with a little over $10 Million in theatres.

Box Office Mojo estimates Bond peaked at $12,130,000 for a major start to am estimated $30,000,000 opening weekend. For a comparison, Dr. No, which opened in the US in May of 1963, grabbed $16,000,000 for its entire run in the States. “You’ve come a long way, Mr. Bond.”

James Bond worldwide has taken over two billion dollars at the box office since its humble beginnings.

Forever will continue to keep you apprised of Bond box office developments worldwide.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Box Office Mojo

“World” Fends Off Arnold…

In a not too terribly suprising box office set of events, Toy Story 2 shot straight to #1 with an estimated $80.8 million dollars in North American markets since it`s roll out Wednesday. Over the 5 day holiday period, Bond held steady at $35 million dollars for the #2 slot. Newcomer “End of Days” failed to overtake 007, but still would up with an impressive $31 million dollar, 5 day haul and the #3 position.

Nothing lasts forever, especially the top spot at the box office. But Bond`s bounty looks to be plentiful this holiday season, with `World` tracking to an all time box office high in the United States, somewhere between $140-160 million dollars.

Sources: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Box Office Mojo

“Toy Story 2” Scores Easy Box-Office Victory

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – “Toy Story 2“ remained on top of the North A merican box office in its second weekend of release as overall ticket sales slid in the traditional post-Thanksgiving slump, according to studio estimates issued on Sunday.

The comedy starring animated dolls, which Walt Disney Pictures produced with Pixar Animation Studios Inc., earned about $28.3 million for the Friday-to-Sunday period, a 50 percent decline from its three-day haul one weekend earlier.

The rankings of the top four films were unchanged from last weekend, and there were no new entries in the top 10. The 1999 box office champ, “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace“ reentered theaters on a limited basis in a one-week charity run. It grossed an estimated $1.2 million from 832 prints, said Twentieth Century Fox. The film`s total now stands at $430 million. The latest James Bond movie, “The World Is Not Enough“ (MGM) held the No. 2 spot with $10.6 million, followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger`s “End of Days“ (Universal) with $9.7 million and “Sleepy Hollow“ (Paramount) with $9.0 million. “The Bone Collector“ (Universal) moved up one place to No. 5 with $3.1 million.

“Toy Story 2“ has earned $117.3 million after two weekends in wide release. It passed the $100 million mark on Saturday, its 11th day of release, matching the pace set by Disney`s 1994 “The Lion King.“ Disney said its current weekend haul was the fourth highest for any weekend in December, after “Scream 2“ and two rounds of “Titanic.“

It also beat the original 1995 “Toy Story“ to claim the title for the first weekend in December.

While a 50-percent slide in ticket sales sounds precipitous, it is normal for the weekend following a huge holiday period. Ticket sales for the studio`s 1998 Thanksgiving champ, “A Bug`s Life,“ fell 48 percent the next weekend.

“The World Is Not Enough,“ which fell 54 percent from last weekend, has grossed $90.4 million after 17 days in release. “End of Days,“ off 53 percent, has picked up $45.9 million after 10 days; “Sleepy Hollow,“ down 51 percent, has reached a 17-day tally of $45.9 million; and “The Bone Collector,“ off 43 percent, has corralled $58.1 million after one month.

Walt Disney Pictures is a unit of Walt Disney Co. Universal Pictures is a unit of Seagram Co. Ltd. Paramount Pictures is a unit of Viacom Inc. Twentieth Century Fox is a unit of Fox Entertainment Group Inc.

Copyright © 1996-1999 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters.

Lion Roars As Bond Helps Turn Loss Into Profit

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Reuters) – James Bond had the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lion roaring again Tuesday as the movie studio`s fourth-quarter earnings beat Wall Street estimates, proving Agent 007 still has a license to kill at both the box office and in the video store.

MGM reported net income of $15.2 million, or 8 cents per share, for the three months ended Dec. 31, compared with a net loss of $43.7 million, or 41 cents per share (based on fewer average shares outstanding), in the prior year`s fourth quarter. Wall Street analysts polled by First Call/Thomson Financial had expected earnings of 7 cents per share. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) were $47.7 million in the quarter, compared with a loss of $15.6 million for the same period last year, it said.
MGM`s stock fell 1/16 to 23-1/8 in late trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

The company, known for its familiar roaring lion at the start of feature films, said it was the second consecutive profitable quarter under new management and its strongest quarterly operating results in 12 years. It attributed the results primarily to a series of successful films in theatrical release, including the latest Bond blockbuster, “The World is Not Enough,” which has so far taken in over $320 million at the box office. In addition, a special boxed set of seven James Bond films on video and DVD exceeded 3.1 million units worldwide, helping DVD sales to more than triple in the fourth quarter.

Also contributing to the reverse from loss into profit was “the favorable impact of a corporate restructuring implemented by the new management team,” MGM said.

“Our continued profitability should reinforce to everyone that the `new MGM` is not only back in business, but is fully committed to bottom-line performance,” Chairman and Chief Executive Alex Yemenidjian said. “Beyond the company`s substantial accomplishments over the past few months, we believe that the initiatives we have in place in all areas of the company will sustain this improvement as we look ahead.” He noted MGM`s recent new movie channel in Israel, an agreement with Blockbuster video rental chain to develop digital streaming and downloading for selected MGM titles, and successfully reclaiming rights to 426 classic MGM films in Germany.

Sharon Williams, an entertainment analyst for CIBC World Markets, said she believed the launch of MGM-branded cable networks remained highly likely and will create significant long-term value.
“Management suggested two additional parties have joined in cable network discussions in recent months,” she said in a report. Additionally, she said, she expects MGM to comfortably reach her $75 million EBITDA estimate for 2000. “Upside to our $75 million estimate could come if a modest hit emerges,” she said.

MGM has a library of more than 4,100 movies such as “Gone With the Wind” and “West Side Story” and the “Bond,” “Rocky” and “Pink Panther” series, representing the world`s largest modern film library. Its operating units include MGM Pictures, United Artists Films, Orion Pictures, United Artists Ltd., MGM Television Entertainment, MGM Distribution Co., and MGM Home Entertainment, among others.

James Bond and the Oscars

1964 Goldfinger- Winner of Best Sound Effects (Norman Wanstall )

1965 Thunderball- Winner of Best Visual Effects (John Stear)

1971 Diamonds Are Forever – Nominated for Best Sound

1973 Live And Let Die – Nominated for Best Song (Lyrics by Linda and Paul McCartney; Sung by Paul McCartney and Wings)

1977 The Spy Who Loved Me – Nominated for Best Song (Music by M. Hamlisch; Lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager; Sung by Carly Simon)

1977 The Spy Who Loved Me- Nominated for Best Score (Music by Marvin Hamlisch)

1977 The Spy Who Loved Me -Nominated for Best Art Direction/ Set Decoration (Ken Adam, Peter Lamont, Hugh Scaife)

1979 Moonraker – Nominated for Best Visual Effects (Derek Meddings; P Wilson; J. Evans)

1981 – For Your Eyes Only Nominated for Best Song (Lyrics by Mick Leeson; Music by Bill Conti; Sung by Sheena Easton)

1982 Irving G. Thalberg Lifetime Achievement Award- Albert R. Broccoli

James Bond and The Golden Globes

1970 George Lazenby nominated Most Promising Male Newcomer for On Her Majesty`s Secret Service

1978 The Spy Who Loved Me nominated for Best Original Score
Marvin Hamlisch Nominated for Best Original Song “Nobody Does It Better”.

1985/86 Duran Duran and John Barry nominated for Best Original Song: “A View To A Kill”

1998 Sheryl Crow nominated for Best Song in “Tomorrow Never Dies”

James Bond and MTV… Entertainment Weekly… and more

Blockbuster Awards 1996 Pierce Brosnan nominated for Best Action Hero in “GoldenEye”

MTV Movie Awards 1995/96 Goldeneye nominated for Best Fight Sequence (Steam Room Scene) Nominated for BEST ACTION SEQUENCE : Motorcycle/helicopter chase, “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1998) Nominated for BEST FIGHT : Michelle Yeoh/bad guys, “Tomorrow Never Dies”(1998)

Entertainment Weekly Named Goldeneye as the Best Marketed film of 1995, saying the marketing dept. “made Bond seem like new”. Named Tomorrow Never Dies as one of the 5 Best Marketed Films of 1997.

The Razzies 1985/86 Tanya Roberts Nominated Worst Actress for her role as Stacy Sutton in “A View To A Kill” (she may have picked up a Golden Turkey award for the role as well)

Saturn Awards 1997/98 Pierce Brosnan wins Best Actor Award for James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association (LIMA) 1996 Winner for Goldeneye 1998 Winner for Tomorrow Never Dies

BAFTA In 1989 The British Academy of Film and Theater Arts awarded Cubby Broccoli the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the Bond series. The award was presented to Cubby by Timothy Dalton.

Going For The Gold

The World Is Not Enough is one of the seven Oscar nominee finalists for Best Special Effects. The other contenders are Stuart Little, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Wild Wild West, The Mummy, The Matrix, and Sleepy Hollow.

About 200 board members of the Academy will be viewing 15-minute reels of hand picked scenes from each F/X house responsible for the movie`s effect. The list of seven nominees will be trimmed down to a list of the three final nominations. Criteria includes technique, execution, creative use of existing technology, how pioneering the work was and whether it pushed the boundaries of visual f/x. The special effects team from Cinesite is represented by Chris Corbould, Alex Bicknell and Mara Bryan.

So what scenes will the Academy be viewing from The World Is Not Enough? The `fireball sequence`, the pipeline sequence where Bond and Christmas defuse a bomb on a rig moving 70 mph, the implosion of Renard`s submarine and the destruction of Zukovsky`s caviar factory. The caviar factory used a combination of miniatures and computer work to give the illusion that Bond, Christmas, and Zukovsky were under attack. Much like the `helicopter blades sequence` in Tomorrow Never Dies, the chainsaw blades sweeping out from underneath the helicopters in `World` were digitally inserted into the scene.

The World Is Not Enough is somewhat of a surprise among the nominees, since it is not special effects heavy in the obvious sense that `Phantom Menace` or `Matrix` are, and thus is considered a longshot for a nomination, much less a win.

What MGM should really be pushing for are Best Supporting Actor/Actress nominations for Sophie Marceau and Robert Carlyle. Both performances were exceptional, particularly Marceau`s. And Garbage`s title song is worth a nomination to. But without any momentum from the Golden Globes to speak of (the movie was locked out of every category), it looks like the cast and crew of The World Is Not Enough will just have to be happy with box office records, instead of little gold statues.

BMW To Premiere 007 Spots On Ally McBeal

Monday, November 1st, 1999 BMW offers the world their first glimpse of the new Z8 Roadster with a campaign trumpeting its role in MGM`s latest Bond film “The World is Not Enough”

The Z8, a high performance two-seater with a six-speed transmission and a 400 horsepower V-8 engine, gets Bond more than just around. It saves his life quite a number of times. For `World`, Bond uses his trusty BMW to evade seventeen foot circular saw blades suspended from helicopters and eventually downs one with a surface to air missle.

This isn`t the first time 007 has Bonded with BMW. The first BMW product placement was the Z3 for “Goldeneye”, which was roundly criticized for blatant commercialism without adding anything to the story (Bond did nothing with the car but just drive it) “Tomorrow Never Dies” feated the 750iL and R1200c motorcycle, this time making them more intregal to the plot.

The two new advertising campaigns will debut on FOX`s Ally McBeal (9pm EST), with print ads in Forbes, Fortune and USA Today. On the Web, Duffy Design and Interactive unit has created a BMW Z8/Bond section on the BMW site ( Visitors can crack a secret code and virtually test drive the car against most obstacles Bond would face himself.

007`s Next Target: Pokemon!

The first thing any good secret agent wants to know when setting out on his assignment is: “Who is my target?” This weekend has clarified who Bond must target and knock off in the United States next weekend, when The World Is Not Enough is set to debut Friday, November 19th. Based on preliminary data from Exhibitor Relations and Friday`s box office performance of the top ten grossing films, it`s clear Bond`s next big challenge is Pokemon!

Friday`s Top Ten Box Office Performers (USA)

(average indicates per-theatre average)

1. Pokeman: The First Movie – $9 million, 2,901 screens, $3,127 average
2. The Bone Collector – $3.8 million, 2,587 screens, $1,477 average
3. Dogma – $3 million, 1,260 screens, $2,409 average
4. The Messenger -$2.9 million, 2,147 screens, $1,393 average
5. Anywhere But Here — $1.9 million, 1,673 screens, $1,136 average
6. The Bachelor – $1.7 million, 2,524 screens, $677 average
7. The Insider – $1.5 million, 1,833 screens, $837 average
8. House on Haunted Hill – $1.4 million, 2,350 screens, $555 average
9. Double Jeopardy – $980,000, 2,110 screens, $464 average
10. The Sixth Sense – $810,000, 1,418 screens, $571 average

(info provided by exhibitor relations)

Based on this information, we predict Pokemon to come out of the three day weekend with a cumulative box office take of $27 to $30 million dollars. Can Bond overtake the Pokemon juggernaut before doing battle with “Toy Story 2” and Arnold Shwarzeneggar`s “End of Days”? Absolutely.

In context, Goldeneye opened up it`s initial USA 3 day weekend run back in 1995 with $26.2 million dollars and went on to gross an estimated $105 million dollars. In 1997 Tomorrow Never Dies opened up against Titanic with slightly more than $25 million dollars but stayed strong and went on to gross an estimated $135 million dollars in the United States. With better reviews and a better, more high profile cast, The World Is Not Enough should have no problem beating both records held by Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies to become the box office champ in North America, if only for a week.

007Forever is forecasting a total box office take for The World Is Not Enough somewhere between $140 and $160 million dollars. Be certain to check this site out Saturday evening, November 20th, for news updates on The World Is Not Enough`s box office take and performance across the country.

What’s The Deal With The Different Bond Board Games?

The two famous board games that waver between Connery’s face and some “unknown one” vary in price depending on who you talk to. Generally speaking, most 60s board games—unless they’re terribly unique—are in the $40 range. My understanding is the the “non-Connery” is the actual rarer game that appeals to game collectors but the Connery is, of course, preferable to 007 fans (and we’re bigger spendthrifts (-: ).

My understanding of what happened is this: In those pre-Star Wars days, the concept of tie-ins and the royalties they could generate weren’t as well defined as they are now.**

Thus when Connery’s face began showing-up on EVERYTHING imaginable, he claimed—and rightly so—that his face could only be used to market those goods directly connected to the EON films or the films themselves. He was not “James Bond” personified, ergo a generic Milton Bradley 007 game—one not tied to the promotion of any EON property—was not legally entitled to bear his likeness, despite Milton Bradley otherwise having been granted license by.

I think this is also why you get certain products using just a silhouette, etc. Check out Corgi’s original Toyota 2000 sometime; they use Aki’s photo, but a drawing of a Connery-like character. Coincidence that Connery had announced he was leaving the series? Probably not.

BTW, I haven’t examined enough of those games to be sure, but to the best of my knowledge, MB only retouched the box; a good many still had Connery-style boards inside. The boards were likely made ahead of time and would have been costly for MB to destroy.

Finally, I always thought it a bit odd that they redid the girl. My guess is that the first one having looked so much like Honor Blackman, they decided to repaint both on the off chance she chose to bring suit, too.

–Alan Stephenson is one of the world’s top 007 collectors.

**Most of the other big character promotions prior to that revolved around cartoon characters—like Superman or Mickey Mouse—who couldn’t sue or people like Hopalong Cassidy (Willaim Boyd) who were better positioned to exert personal control over their image.

Which Bond Games Spinoff The Films?

Some of Bond`s greatest adventures happened not in the movies but in video games. And though many of the games are now old and archaic by todays standards, they are still available for purchase or emulation if you know where to look. Here is the most complete list we have for each 007 video game developed along with what was known about each game:

Developer: Parker Brothers
Release date: 1984
Systems: Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Colecovision, Sega SG-1000, Atari 400/800/XE/XL, Commodore 64.
Synopsis: The first James Bond game ever made. It is basically a shoot them up in which you drive, what seems to be the famous Lotus. So you’ll drive this car through several levels each one corresponding to a different film.

Title: Octopussy
Release date: Unknown
Systems: Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum.
Synopsis: This game is actually a mystery. It was designed for the Atari 2600, but it has never been released. A prototype of this game exists, but no one has ever played with it.

Title: Lord Bromley’sEstate
Release date: n/a
Systems: ZX Spectrum.
Synopsis: Information unknown.

Title: Q’s Armoury
Release date: n/a
System: ZX Spectrum
Synopsis: Information unknown.

Title: Secret Mission
Release date: n/a
System: ZX Spectrum
Synopsis: Information unknown.

Title: Diamondsare Forever
Release date: n/a
System: Commodore 64
Synopsis: Information unknown.

Title: A View To A Kill
Developer: Mindscape
Release date: 1985
System: PC
Synopsis: This is an old Text Adventure game, or what we call now Interactive Fiction. Basically you take the role of Commander BOND and type what you want to do. This game follows the events of the movie of the same name.

Title: Goldfinger
Developer: Mindscape
Release date: 1986
System: PC
Synopsis: This is an old Text Adventure game, or what we call now Interactive Fiction. Basically you take the role of Commander BOND and type what you want to do. This game follows the events of the movie of the same name. The game begins with the famous Aston Martin chase sequence.

Title: A View To A Kill
Developer: Domark
Release date: 1985
System: Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, PC
Synopsis: This game is divided in three sequence: The Mine Game, The City Hall Game and The Paris Game. In the first one, you must prevent a nuclear charge from exploding in the Silicon Valley mines. In the second one, you must escape from a building on fire. In the last one, you must chase Mayday in the street of Paris. The first and second game are more adventure games, while the last one is more oriented towards action.

Title:The Living Daylights
Developer: Domark
Release date: 1987
System: Amstrad CPC, Atari 400/800/XE/XL, BBC Model B, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum 48/128 PLUS 2/3, Amiga
Synopsis: This game is somewhere between a shoot’em up and a platform game, but it is definitely an action game. You take control of 007 during several events following the movie of the same name.

Title: Licence to Kill
Developer: Domark
Release date: 1989
Systems: ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga, PC
Synopsis: You can’t classify this one, because each sequence is different from the other. In one part, you’ll pilot a helicopter, in the other, you’re trying to catch a plane while diving. You take control of 007 during several events following the movie of the same name.

Title: Live& Let Die
Developer: Domark
Release date: n/a
Systems: Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga, ZX Spectrum.
Synopsis: This game takes place during the famous boat chase sequence of the movie. So in this one you’ll pilot a boat, while attacking several enemies.

Title: The Spy Who Loved Me
Developer: Domark
Release date: n/a
Systems: ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amiga, Commodore 64.
Synopsis: An action game divided in three part. In the first part, you’ll drive 007’s Lotus through the streets of Sardinia. The second part is more like a shoot’em up, where you’ll pilot the Lotus underwater and fight Stromberg’s troops. In the last sequence, you’ll fight your way through your enemy’s fortress.

Title: TheStealth Affair
Developer: Delphine Software & Interplay
Release date: 1990
Systems: Atari ST, Amiga, PC
Synopsis: A graphic adventure where you take the role of 007, exceptionally working with the CIA. A stealth fighter has disappeared somewhere over the country of Santa Paragua and you must find who stole it and eventually retrieve it, or destroy it.

Title: James BOND Jr.
Developer: n/a
Release date: 1992
Systems: Nes & Snes.
Synopsis: This game is taken from the cartoon of the same name. This game is divided in several parts. In some, the game is a platform one. In others, it is a Shoot’em up. Take control of 007’s nephew and fight against the SCUM organization. Title: The Duel
Developer: Domark
Release date: 1993
Systems: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega Master System
Synopsis: This a platform game. It takes place in a remote island, where a mad professor has cloned all the old James BOND’s nemesis, like Jaws, Mayday etc…

Title: James Bond
Developer: Saffire
Release date: 1997
System: GameBoy
Synopsis: This game could have been called when James BOND meets Zelda. It’s basically an adventure game, but action is omnipresent. Like Zelda, you’ll have to talk to a lot of persons and fight a lot of enemies. Try to stop the evil plan of an ex-general of the Soviet Union.

Title: Goldeneye
Developer: Rareware
Release date: 1997
System: Nintendo 64
Synopsis: The most famous Bond game of all time. Take the role of Agent 007 in this 1st person action game, where you’ll have to shoot (almost) anything that moves. It includes also some minor adventure plots. The game follows the events of the movie of the same name.

Title: Tomorrow Never Dies
Developer: Electronic Arts
Release date: 1999
System: Playstation
Synopsis: This game is in a third person perspective. Except from that, it is very similar to Goldeneye. Some ski and driving sequences are also included. The game follows the events of the movie of the same name, however some missions are original.

Title: 007 Racing
Developer: Electronic Arts
Release date: 2000
System: Playstation/Nintendo 64
Synopsis: This game allows you to drive all the famous Bond cars, from the Aston-Martin DB-V to the BMW Z8. The game follows a scenario which is completely original.

Title: The World Is Not Enough
Developer: Electronic Arts
Release date: 2000
Systems: Nintendo 64, PC-CDROM, Playstation, Playstation 2.
Synopsis: The real sequel to the game Goldeneye. A 1st person action game, but the adventure plots are more important. Like the other, this game follows the event of the movie.

For more on 007 role playing games:

Tomorrow Never Dies Playstation

In development for Playstation. This game, being developed by Black Ops, is due to be released November 18th,1999. The game will be different from Goldeneye007 in that there will be much more variation in the type of action. Not just guns and explosions in this one. The game is viewed from the third person perspective, with Bond driving, skiing, flying and scuba diving. It`s less a remake of the film than it is a sequel. The plot deviates from the film by allegedly having Carver`s insane brother continuing with Elliot`s plan for world domination of the news market.

MGM Interactive decided that kind of game it wanted Tomorrow Never Dies to be was a game that recreated some of the best moments from all the Bond films. While Goldeneye007 has been universally praised for it`s goal of being more than just a shoot `em up, in essence it still is a “Doom” style game, albeit with more sophistication. Black Ops won`t just be using what it has created in the past for it`s other titles. No, instead, John Botti , CEO and President of Blacks Ops has promised that Tomorrow Never Dies will only incorporate about 30% of the currently existing technology that goes into it`s other games. thus making for one of the most technologically advanced, sophisticated and challenging Playstation games yet.

As previously mentioned, 007 will snow ski, SCUBA dive, fly, and fight enemies on foot like Goldeneye007. But he`ll aslo be able to eavesdrop on the conversations of other characters. The goal of Black Ops and Playstation are several: create a fresh, new 007 game that stands alone and apart from the movie and create a successful video game that will equal the sales of Goldeneye007, which was the hottest “toy” of the Christmas `97 buying season.

007 debut gets Gaelic translation

One of Britain’s best-loved spy stories has been translated into Manx.

Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale – which introduced the world to James Bond – is now available in Gaelg paperback.

Culture Vannin was given a ‘licence to print’ the 1953 book by the deceased author’s estate, and translation was lovingly undertaken by Bob Carswell.

The book is available at Culture Vannin’s headquarters in St John’s.

It’s one of a number of modern works spun in Manx – as Culture Vannin’s Language Development Officer Adran Cain explains: ‘Manx literature goes back a very long way, certainly in translation form – the Bible in the eighteenth century, which was a great achievement culturally, I think. It’s about changing people’s perceptions – stuff like The Gruffalo, Casino Royale, Murder on the Orient Express – that’s slightly more sexy stuff than a lot of Manx iiterature in the past, which has been religious. It’s good to have that sort of context – it changes perceptions.’


Ta’n ennym orrym Bond…

Nane jeh skeealyn-speeikear smoo ennoil y Vretyn Vooar, t’eh er ny hyndaa gys Gaelg.

‘Casino Royale’ Ian Fleming – hug James Bond da’n teihll – t’eh ry-gheddyn nish ayns coodagh-pabyrey Gaelg.

Va kied er ny chur da Culture Vannin y lioar veih nuy cheead jeig, tree-jeig as daeed y chlou. Ghow Bob Carswell ayns laue dy chur y lioar gys Gaelg dy graihagh.

Ta’n lioar ry-gheddyn ec ard-offish Chulture Vannin ayns Balley Keeill Eoin.

She fer ass paart dy lioaryn jeianagh ayns Gaelg t’ayn – myr ta Adrian Cain, Offishear-Lhiasee Chulture Vannin, sollshaghey magh: ‘Ta lettyraght Ghaelgagh goll er-ash ayns traa feer foddey, son shickyrys stoo bentyn da Baarle çhyndait gys Gaelg – y Vible sy hoghtoo eash jeig, va ny chooilleeney yindyssagh dy cultooroil, er lhiam. T’eh bentyn da caghlaa eieiyn sleih – stoo gollrish Yn Gruffalo, Casino Royale, Dunverys ayns Express y Niar – shen beggan ny smoo seksee na ram lettyraght Ghaelgagh ymmodee blein er dy henney, va dy bollagh crauee. S’mie yn red eh dy vel y sorçh shen dy chonteks ayn, t’eh caghlaa eieyn.’

The Ultimate James Bond CD-ROM

This two disc set is packed with over 55 minutes of full motion video clips, over 22 minutes of audio clips, over 1,800 still photographs and 850 detailed articles on different aspects of 007`s world.

Highlights from all 17 Bond films (exludes Tomorrow Never Dies and Never Say Never Again), an original video montage of the key story elements for each adventure, storyboards detailing the who, what, when, and where for each film; an animated geographical map of every Bond mission; original film reviews, news clips and box office results plus photos of the original theatrical posters; complete film credits hyperlinked to individual data pages for key cast members.

The Ultimate James Bond also contains the ultimate Bond trivia game: an exciting 4 level trivia game lets you test your secret agent skills with over 400 questions requiring you to identify voices, photographs, audio clips and more!

The Game That Plays You

From the developers of 007Racing and Tomorrow Never Dies comes MAJESTIC, the suspense thriller that infiltrates your life and leaves you guessing where the game ends and reality begins.

Majestic is an episodic online entertainment experience set against the backdrop of a grand and sinister conspiracy — an unfolding mystery adventure that uses the Internet as a canvas for its story, weaving the player through both real and fictional experiences in real-time. Highly personalized and naturally paced, Majestic tailors the experience specifically for each player as it dynamically changes the content of web pages, e-mails, faxes, voicemails and chat conversations in order to immerse the player at the very heart of a developing story. Majestic players assume the leading role in their own adventure, interacting with other characters, uncovering clues, searching for answers, collecting and using digital objects and resolving challenges to progress through the experience. Unlike other forms of entertainment, Majestic actively pursues and interacts with the user based on events developing within the fiction, creating a uniquely suspenseful entertainment experience.

Majestic represents the first form of entertainment to employ a range of familiar interaction and communication techniques, including fax, chat, email, voice mail, telephone and web-browsing. Use your existing real-world devices or Majestic`s own web-based fax, email and voice mail capabilities. REAL-

You don`t just interact with Majestic, it actively calls, emails, faxes and chats with you whenever the need arises, any time, anywhere. You`re never quite sure when the plot will advance, a character will need your help or a new event will unfold, but it always transpires in real time.

Innovative plot delivery techniques and familiar interactions blur the lines between fact and fiction, building greater suspense and a more immersive story. Use the Majestic search engine to identify websites with information and clues relevant to your adventure. Some parts of your experience will be real and others fictional, but it`s all part of the game. Players will often be left guessing, “Was that real or part of Majestic?”

Majestic is uniquely tailored to you and your life. It learns more about you the more you play, so it can continue to customize story elements and the overall experience for each participant.

Majestic requires no CD or large download; it leverages the best capabilities of the Internet to organize and deliver a completely unique online entertainment experience.

Majestic taps the power of the Internet and your own imagination to put players at the center of a compelling mystery-suspense story.

Majestic delivers its epic story in monthly increments or episodes. As with a great television series, Majestic builds over the course of an entire season to deliver a powerful and suspenseful entertainment experience.

For more details, including how to sign up, visit

Sideshow Captures 007 License

Sideshow has been awarded the rights to create 12″ collectible figures in celebration of the 40th anniversary off James Bond.

They plan to debut the initially released figures at Toy Fair, in New York City, in Febuary, ’02. Sideshow will post a press release on our web site in the coming week. The range of characters they are planning will be extensive!

For more updates on what characters will be released, when, and how much it will cost, visit

Ride Virtually With Bond, Live!

Motion simulation experience utilizing film footage, a giant-screen image, digital audio technology, special effects and moving seats to create the sensation of speed and motion as you join James Bond in a series of hair-raising stunts.

Ride Designers: Produced by Landmark Entertainment in association with MGM and Danjaq.

The Landmark Entertainment Group is renowned for creating, producing and delivering attractions representing the “magic of Hollywood” to venues around the world including: Terminator 2/3D and Ghostbusters Spooktacular for Universal Studios Florida; Jurassic Park: The Ride and Kongfrontation for Universal Studios Hollywood; and Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton, a joint production with Paramount Parks.

Opening: May 9, 1998
Ride Duration: 4 minutes
Number of Theaters: 2
Seating Capacity: 148 passengers
Ride Capacity: 1,480 guests per hour

Our Guide To Role Playing With Mr. Bond

James Bond Basic Game, Q Branch and Thrilling Locations

The James Bond 007 Role Playing Series isn`t complete without The Basic Game Book (it also includes an introductory adventure, but you`ll need to buy a 6 sided die and a 10 sided die on your own). The book is 160 pages long and is packed with vital information for the Gamemaster as well as individual players. A special section includes a new villianous organization called TAROT (Technological Accession, Revenge and Organized Terrorism). Q Branch has a sophisticated rundown of all the equipment, vehicles and gadgets used by James Bond. Thrilling Locations helps you set the mood of your game by detailing the most luxurious hotels, yachts, trains and more that James Bond or any other character can come in contact with.

Even if you weren`t interested in playing the games, The Basic Game book and the Thrilling Locations book are fascinating and educational reads all in themselves. The Basic Game book has extensive background on 007`s different skills, the women he encounters, the villians he thwarts and the henchmen he kills. Chapter 15 gives a background history of M.I.6, and Page 118 goes into detail about how James` parents died, plus other background information on him. Chapter 11 goes into great depth detailing everything you need to know about Bond`s equipment…his snowmobiles, weapons, jets, cars, yachts, gadgets, and more.

Thrilling Locations continues your journey into 007`s glamourous life with descriptions of elegant restaurants, luxury hotels, and fanastic traveling accomodations.

It contains 12 pages of full color photos, and over 100 black and white illustrations “that bring the world of first class travel…alive.” Thrilling Locations takes you to such places as the palatial Casino de Monte Carlo, The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, The Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, The Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong, Tavern On The Green in New York, and aboard The Orient Express. Ever want to understand the games 007 plays in the casinos? Chapter 1 is devoted to nothing but that. Learn how to play Roulette, BlackJack, Craps, Baccarat and Chemin De Fer. Both Thrilling Locations and The Basic Game book take you into the luxurious, secret and mysterious world of James Bond that got you so interested in the first place. A definite collectors item!

Dr.No: “Welcome to the island of death. Something is terribly wrong on the island paradise of Jamaica. The alway reliable M.I.6 station head has failed to make his report and has since disappeared. What terrible secret is so important on Jamaica it is worth mudering an M.I.6 operative? All clues point to the existence of a mysterious figure unknown to the British Secret Service-someone called Dr.NO. Where is Dr.NO located and could he prove to be a threat to the rest of the world?”

The Dr.NO Adventure package contains: An illustrated 48 page Gamemasters Guide with complete instructions on running an adventure; an Agent`s Briefing Dossier from M.I.6 with 8 Mission Sheets that provide clues and maps for the players; a standup screen containing a map of Jamaica and the floorplan of Dr.No`s lair!

The Man With the Golden Gun: “The next golden bullet has your number on it. Francisco Scaramanga-the Man With The Golden Gun-is the world`s consumate assassin. His fee: one million dollars. His signature: a golden bullet. His specialty: a single shot to kill his victim. Now Scaramanga is after a brilliant scientist and his Solex Agitator, and with it he will be able to create the ultimate firearm-a solar gun that uses the energy of the sun as its projectile. The master killer must be stopped before he can unleash his new golden gun against the free world. ”

The Man With The Golden Gun Adventure package contains: An illustrated 48 page Gamemasters Guide with complete instructions on running an adventure; an Agent`s Briefing Dossier from M.I.6 with 8 Mission Sheets that provide clues and maps for the players; a stand up screen containing maps of the locations where the enemy is waiting.

Octopussy: “Udaipur, India. The City of Dreams. Somewhere in this opulent city the mysterious tradesmen known as Kamal Khan is bringing to fruition a plot that will throw the world into chaos. Elsewhere, in her island palace on Lake Pichola, the beautiful Octopussy is scheming to multiply her enormous store of priceless jewels. Meanwhile, on another continent, one of the great treasures of Tsarist Russia-the Faberge Egg-is being slowly transported by a deadly circus towards an unknown destination.”

The Octopussy Adventure package contains: An illustrated 48 page Gamemasters Guide with complete instructions on running an adventure; an Agent`s Briefing Dossier from M.I.6 with 8 Mission Sheets that provide clues and maps for the players; a full color wrap around folder complete with a portfolio of the major non-player characters.

A View To A Kill: “One of our 00 agents has disappeared! M.I.6 operative 004 is missing. His assignment was to infiltrate deep into the Soviet Union in order to retrieve a stolen microchip that is vital to England`s national defense. 004 never arrived at his rendevous point, and now someone must be sent into the frozen Siberian wastelands to find him. But the stolen microchip is just the tip of the iceberg-there is a conspiracy afoot that could disrupt the world`s economy. Is there enough time left to track down the ruthless mastermind and stop his earth shattering plot? ”

The A View To A Kill Adventure package contains: An illustrated 48 page Gamemasters Guide with complete instructions on running an adventure; an Agent`s Briefing Dossier from M.I.6 with 8 Mission Sheets that provide clues and maps for the players; a stand up screen containing a map of the San Francisco Bay Area and floorplans of the Major Villian`s chateau.

ASSAULT! Published by Victory Games in 1986, this game uses the famous movie assault on the secret rocket base in “You Only Live Twice”.The James Bond Assault Game creates a unique opportunity for role players and simulation gamers to come together in a fast paced exciting game of commando combat! One player, assuming the role of the deadly Karl Ferenc Skorpios and his villainous gang, must successfully launch his rocket from the secret volcano base. The other player controls James Bond, Tiger Tanaka, Kissy Suzuki, as their intrepid ninja band must make the perilous descent from high atop the base to foil the evil plan. Individual pieces, representing the major characters and their troops, battle across the multi-level floor of the base, engage in fire combat and hand to hand struggles as the moments tick away until the launch . Easy to understand rules allow players to quickly begin playing the four scenarios, and rules for solitaire and gamemaster play add to the game`s diversity.

You Only Live Twice: Back of Beyond “Q Lab security has been breached. In the chill of pre-dawn London, a top secret file was stolen from Q Branch despite the tight security of M.I.6 headquarters. The files, containing chemical warfare secrets from Nazi Germany, were passed on before the thief was arrested. The culprit-one of the most trusted and loyal Q Branch technicians! Why has he turned against Queen and country? Who wields such power that he can force a loyal Briton to turn traitor? What havoc does th threaten to wreak with the stolen information?”

You Only Live Twice II: Back of Beyond takes you from London, England to Syndey, Australia. Your thrilling adventure will take you to such exotic locales as Ayers Rock, The Outback and Walkabout. If you survive.

Bond author Raymond Benson designed this game, and you can tell he has a real love of both James Bond and Australia (his debut novel, Zero Minus Ten, also took place in Australia). You Only Live Twice II is an illustrated 28 page GameMaster`s Guide with complete instructions on running the adventure; an Agent`s Briefing Dossier from M.I.6 with 6 Mission Sheets that provide clues and maps for the players; a stand up screen illustrating the Major Villians fortress and much, much more. This is my second favorite game (only because it`s slightly shorter than the others).

For Your Information Game Suppliment. Contains new rules, and special features such as info on brainwashing and amnesia, adventure generation system, more NPCs and locations, background on real-world intelligence organizations and more.

Goldfinger II: The Man With the Midas Touch: Goldfinger`s back, he`s mad, and he`s out for revenge. It seems he didn`t die from Operation Midas Touch (Goldfinger 1). He was severely hurt, yes, but he is alive, if only living in an iron lung. One thing that hasn`t changed is his love of gold, and he`ll do anything, and kill anyone, to get what he wants.

With Goldfinger 2, you`ll jump from Mexico City to the exotic canals of Xochimilco, to the Great Teothicuan Pyramids of ancient Mexico, to Pamplona, Spain, and all the way to Ankara, Turkey.

Goldfinger II: The Man With The Midas Touch is an illustrated 48 page GameMaster`s Guide with complete instructions on running the adventure alone or as a sequel; an Agent`s Briefing Dossier from M.I.6 with 8 Mission Sheets that provide clues for the players; a stand up screen containing maps of a subterranean cave and the enemy`s secret base and much, much more. This one`s my favorite!

NextGen Gets World Exclusive!

The March issue of Next Generation Magazine will feature exclusive images of The World Is Not Enough game for Playstation 2. We are showing you a few images here, but the rest you`ll just have to see for yourself when the magazine comes out.

Additionally, new details of the game have leaked out. For example, the goal of the game will still be to save the world`s oil supply, but the game will have it`s own subplots not found within the movie. Not all of the narrative of the film is being used. The BMW-Z8 will be featured as well. Creative Director Randy Breen tells the magazine: “We`re taking the action scenes mainly-they`re the natural setting for interactivity to begin with, and the thing we can most closely represent in the game world.”

Movie worlds recreated for the game will include the bunker explosion that temporarily traps Bond and Christmas, the pipeline/bomb defusion scene and the caviar warehouse sequence (pictured on this page). The images are rich and vibrant in color and finessed with loads of detail that authentically replicate the movie world James Bond inhabited in `Enough`.

**Last month Electronic Arts announced that it had licensed the Quake III Arena(TM) engine from id Software. Electronic Arts will use the engine to develop several games, including The World is Not Enough. Quake III Arena`s enhanced graphics engine displays realistic 3-D environments using features such as curved surface rendering, high detail textures, volumetric fog and specular lighting. According to EA`s January 26th press release it “will allow EA`s development teams to create compelling special effects, unsurpassed interaction between the player and his environment and a totally new standard of gameplay.”

EA previously announced it secured an exclusive long-term licensing agreement with MGM Interactive and Danjaq, LLC to bring James Bond to the interactive entertainment market. Expect more Bond games from the Electronic Arts/MGM Interactive agreement in the near future.

Johnny Lightning and MGM to Release New Bond Wares

Sources reveal that a new line of Johnny Lightning Bond cars will be hitting the market in September. Additionally, MGM will be releasing a DVD version of the 1967 film “Casino Royale”.

The new line of Johnny Lightning cars commemorate 007`s greatest exploits. The new set of six collectible Bond cars will include:

Pola Ivanova`s Corvette from A View To A Kill
1957 Chevy Convertible (Dr. No)
1964 Aston Martin (Goldfinger)
1965 Mustang Convertible (Thunderball)
BMW Z3 (GoldenEye)
BMW Z8 (The World is Not Enough)

The popular “World Is Not Enough” Z8 will be an especially welcome edition as GoldenEye`s BMW Z3 was more widely released in other collectible models from makers around the globe, while the Z8`s have been somewhat less affordable to collectors.

Sources say Johnny Lightning is very interested in fan feedback on their latest line of Bond cars and plans to tailor future runs of vehicles to fan wishes. Perhaps a “comprehensive” Bond car collection is in the offing for memorabilia completists. Can anyone say, “Extra large cars display box, please?”

Also to be had soon is the “many-Bonded” Casino Royale on digital videodisc. Despite the fact that the soon-to be-issued “Casino Royale” will not be a part of the Bond Set 3 special editions on DVD, MGM now only has to release their recently acquired “Never Say Never Again” product to bring all 21 Bond titles, “legal” and otherwise, to home video disc players.

According to DVD/Laserdisc Newsletter, the On Her Majesty`s Secret Service Special Edition DVD is missing 27 seconds of footage (20 seconds from the stock car race and 7 seconds/3 lines of dialogue). If this is true, it`s a travesty of justice in more ways than one. Bond fans shelled out big money to buy special edition DVD titles in the second wave of films that were released and they deserve every second of the movie and then some. Not only should the film be presented in its original, full state, but it would have been nice had MGM included bonus, additional footage that was shot but not used (this is standard practice for many DVD Special Editions, such as Independence Day). The DVD/Laserdisc newsletter encourages readers to write John Cork to complain, but John`s comments on the matter are:

“I think it is closer to 10 seconds of footage missing, but it is irritating! MGM certainly knows as they called me to apologize. I did not have anything to do with the print. The only time I saw the particular print was when I was in the recording booth doing the interstitial commentary.

Oddly, there are ALWAYS timing issues between the print we first use (a letterbox transfer) and the new 16 X 9 transfers of the films with which they have to sync up our audio commentary track. There are many reasons this can occur, from a bad negative telecine to an inexact reel change during telecine, to a slight change in the pull-down rate, to damaged materials that have to be replaced from alternate prints that might have cuts.”–John Cork

James Bond and Wai Lin Are Back!

In development for Playstation. This game, being developed by Black Ops, is due to be released November 16th,1999. The game will be different from Goldeneye007 in that there will be much more variation in the type of action. Not just guns and explosions in this one. The game is viewed from the third person perspective, with Bond driving, skiing, flying and scuba diving. It`s less a remake of the film than it is a sequel. The plot deviates from the film by allegedly having Carver`s insane brother continuing with Elliot`s plan for world domination of the news market.

MGM Interactive decided that kind of game it wanted Tomorrow Never Dies to be was a game that recreated some of the best moments from all the Bond films. While Goldeneye007 has been universally praised for it`s goal of being more than just a shoot `em up, in essence it still is a “Doom” style game, albeit with more sophistication. Black Ops won`t just be using what it has created in the past for it`s other titles. No, instead, John Botti , CEO and President of Blacks Ops has promised that Tomorrow Never Dies will only incorporate about 30% of the currently existing technology that goes into it`s other games. thus making for one of the most technologically advanced, sophisticated and challenging Playstation games yet.

As previously mentioned, 007 will snow ski, SCUBA dive, fly, and fight enemies on foot like Goldeneye007. But he`ll aslo be able to eavesdrop on the conversations of other characters. The goal of Black Ops and Playstation are several: create a fresh, new 007 game that stands alone and apart from the movie and create a successful video game that will equal the sales of Goldeneye007, which was the hottest “toy” of the Christmas `97 buying season.

In addition to playing Bond, gamers can also portray Bond Girl Wai Lin. Published by Electronic Arts, Tomorrow Never Dies is developed for PlayStation and will be available November 16. This title is rated T (for teens ages 13+). ($50)

James Bond 007: The Duel

You`re no longer just watching Bond. You are Bond – jumping into fast and furious action on your TV screen! And so begins the classic Sega Genesis Bond adventure, originally released in 1992! James Bond 007: The Duel, pits you against your worst enemy, a mad professor with the power to clone your past villains! What`s worse, this villain is planning to take over the world from his secret Caribbean island base.

This is where you come in. As Timothy Dalton`s 007, you pit yourself against five increasingly difficult levels in an effort to stop world domination. You`ll have your trustworthy PPK, as well as the occasional hand grenade, to carve your way through the Professor`s guards, and OddJob and Jaws! The game plays in the classic Genesis side-scrolling environment. You run, gun, and jump your way to victory, working towards your final confrontation inside a boiling volcano. Along the way, you`ll rescue several female hostages, all giving a gracious yelp when you save them.

This game is extremely difficult, making Goldeneye look like a game of solitaire. It`s not a matter of control (you can shoot in every direction), the bad guys are just really good! You face Jaws in the first level, and while he`s not difficult, it`s a big jolt to see his steel teeth in your face! The game supports one player, with MIDI music used thoroughly. The graphics are pretty standard, however I thought the ship level was outstanding. The game uses innovative features such as hand-over-hand climbing, full directional shooting, and ducking, which weren`t featured in a lot of games until around 1995.

The price of this game was $38.96 when it originally was released. However, I picked up a copy for $15.00, and I`m sure you could find one for even less. While this game wasn`t a real hot seller, it still manages to capture 00-Flair for a 16-bit gamer. This is a great game for a rainy Saturday afternoon, just haul out your dusty Sega and have some friends over for some 007 action!

Review by Ben Zimmerman