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Christopher Wood was born November 5th, 1935. He began writing novels in the late 1960s while working as an advertising executive at Masius Wynne Williams. His first book, “Make It Happen To Me”, was inspired partly by his own experiences in Africa: “I was helping to conduct a plebiscite in the Southern Cameroons under UN supervision in 1960.” These same experiences also provided the source material for his 1983 novel, “A Dove Against Death”. “An old man came out of a hut wearing what at first glance I thought was a brass coal scuttle. Then I realized that it was a German helmet with a spike on it. My interest began then. Many years later came the story.”

Using numerous pseudonyms, Wood began writing the humorous erotica “Confessions” novels during the seventies. He eventually turned to screenwriting, adapting several of his “Confessions” novels; his original screenplay “Seven Nights In Japan” was directed by Bond veteran Lewis Gilbert, who when signed to direct the next Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me”, brought Wood along to do rewrite chores.

His adventure novels from the late seventies and early eighties are usually set in and around Indonesia and Australia.

Wood also wrote the motion picture “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins”, directed by Bond veteran Guy Hamilton. Wolfgang Petersen (“Air Force One”) has the film rights to “A Dove Against Death”.

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