Archbishop Cool On Bonded Nativity Play

LONDON, Dec 7 (Reuters) – Britain`s Archbishop of Canterbury, spiritual head of the world`s 70 million Anglicans, is worried by the plans of a group of teenagers to stage a James Bond-style Nativity play in his diocese.

The play, “Secret Angels,“ is a modern production of the traditional Nativity story and portrays angels as Bond-style 007 special agents dressed in black, the Times said on Tuesday. “It is without doubt the most unusual Nativity play I think has ever been staged anywhere,“ a spokesman for Archbishop George Carey told the newspaper.

He said Carey had “expressed his concern“ about the play.

But the director, Alis Vile, who plans to stage “Secret Angels“ in St Mary Bredin Church, Canterbury on December 19th, defended the production.

“People should realise that angels are not fairies. The Bible makes it clear that they are carrying fiery swords,“ said Vile, a regular church-goer.

But she denied the production would include angels brandishing guns.

“There was a suggestion that the angels would be armed like 007, but there will be no gun-toting on stage,“ she said.

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