A Boy Called “Bond”

I’ve just finished two of Dave Pelzer’s titles, from the inspiring writer of A Boy Called “It”, a book which remained on the bestseller list for 6 years.

The Privilege of Youth and The Lost Boy contain numerous references to James Bond and the films of Dave’s teen years from You Only Live Twice through The Man With The Golden Gun. A favorite moment has Dave and a friend flipping a car accidentally onto two wheels (Pelzer wanted to be a stuntman in his teens) then telling people they meant to do it all along (!), like Bond in his cherry-red Mach 1 in Diamonds Are Forever.

Pelzer’s books are noteworthy on their own, and he has been recognized for his inspiring achievements by three U.S. Presidents, yet it was fun to see James Bond bits scattered throughout his nonfiction “novels” of adventure.

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