The name’s wells, Colin Wells

Colin Wells was born in London in 1964. He became an actor after working in a bank and quickly found success in theatre. He worked extensively at the prestigious Glasgow Citizen`s Theatre ( alma mater of Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan and others). Someone from EON saw Wells performance there and saw Colin receive a Best Actor award. His strong resemblance to the Bond character led to him being auditioned.

Colin worked steadily in TV with appearances in acclaimed mini-series such as AN INDEPENDENT MAN and smash hits like BIRDS OF A FEATHER. He was the romantic lead in THE HELLO GIRLS- a BBC drama set in the 50`s. Wells` character of Dick Mandeville, a wealthy womanizer who worked as an engineer for Rolls-Royce, was very similar to Bond.

Wells` first love remains theatre where, like Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton, he has often sought out challenging and intense roles. To most Bond fans however, Wells proved his credentials for the role of Bond with his portrayal of Sam Curtis in the modern remake of The Professionals- a lavish 13 part series filmed in Britain, the USA and South Africa. The series, sold to over 50 countries world wide and the spectacular action series (arranged by former 007 stuntman Peter Brayham and edited by 007 movie editor John Grover), called upon the actors to drive speedboats, Lotus sports cars, abseil down buildings, dogfight in helicopters and engage in some of the most vicious punch-ups and shootouts ever committed to celluloid.

Some sources claim that Wells is used by EON to read as Bond when other actors are screen tested, although this has not been confirmed. Wells auditioned for the role of Bond in 1994.

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