2018: New Orleans Event! * * *

Bond With Fans!

Go through the gun barrel with your fellow James Bond fans to visit dozens of 007 locations in diverse New Orleans, Louisiana, including Live and Let Die’s car, plane, boat and train chase sites.

Contact us soon if you want to participate!

Shall I open it? Shall I open it?!

Thursday Fan Events:

Two sazeracs . . . this is New Orleans. Relax!

Friday Fan Events:

Same time tomorrow, Mrs Bell?

Saturday Fan Events:

  • 007 Locations Tour:  French Quarter Bond – Part I
  • Signature Drink: Pimm’s Cup at Napoleon House
  • Lunch at The Gumbo Shop
  • 007 Locations Tour: French Quarter Bond – Part II
  • Dinner With Friends: Free Time
  • Signature Drink: Beer Above Bourbon Street at Krazy Korner
  • Late Night: Bonding at Harrah’s Casino

Felix, find out if there’s a Fillet Of Soul restaurant in town.

Sunday Fan Events:

  • Brunch at Red Gravy
  • See 007 Locations from Above: Observatory Visit
  • It’s a Parade, Mister Bond – Group Trip to Mardi Gras World

Relax, baby, Mr Big’s gonna take care of you in a minute.

Join us to Live and Let ‘Leans in 2018!
Write to M’s desk c/o Eve Moneypenny
(USA) 352.871.0967

And . . . laissez les Bond temps rouler!

Your host, M, is a top “Bondologist” who has led dozens of fan events featuring appearances by over 120 actors, authors, film technicians and real world intelligence officers (spies)!

LALL (213)

M has brought fans from as far as Europe, Australia and Asia to tour American and Caribbean James Bond book and film locations, and has contributed to numerous Bond and spy books, CDs and DVDs.

M’s latest Bond volume, James Bond’s Cuisine, is in print worldwide.

Join our James Bond sightseeing and thrills event, Live and Let Fans!

From a New Orleans fan on one of M’s previous tours:

“…And of course thank you, thank you, thank you, M, for a great tour! I enjoyed every minute of it, and I appreciate not only the many great James Bond things you showed us, but the city tour extras as well. We saw many parts of New Orleans the tourists don’t get to see. Thanks again. I will never forget the great times we had.”

Join us to Live and Let ‘Leans in 2018!


Write M’s desk c/o Eve Moneypenny
(USA) 352.871.0967


12/29 – 12/31, 2017 – International Spy Gala, Washington DC
01/19 – 01/20, 2018 – Bond Collectors’ Day, Gainesville, Florida
03/30 – 04/01, 2018 – Spy Con, Atlanta, Georgia
05/10 – 05/13, 2018 – Live and Let Fans, New Orleans, Louisiana
08/31 – 09/03, 2018 – Dragon Con, Atlanta, Georgia