21st Collectors` Day: Our Table Was Not Enough

21st Collectors` Day: Our Table Was Not Enough

“I know you, you are James Bond!” (an auspicious greeting indeed) said a Collectors’ Day coordinator as Michael Kersey and I entered the Florida Museum lot to unload our wares on Saturday morning. Naturally, she was referring to our James Bond memorabilia, but we raised an eyebrow in greeting and continued on our way.

It took but a few minutes to have our table set up with decades of Bondiana including valued first editions, toys, photos of fan events and Bond locations attended around the globe and signed autographs from the stars, binders chock full.

Super-collectors Dan DeKee and Kees Boer met with us for the party and to help greet the thousands in attendance who attended the day to visit collections of all types including Beatlemania, Titanic and Gone With the Wind memorabilia, and more.

We eagerly are looking forward to next year’s meet and Bond Collectors’ Weekend in New Orleans, with more than 100 James Bond specialists in attendance!

–Want to be added to the Collectors’ Mailing List for the third annual Bond Weekend? Send a note to Bond Collectors’ Weekend in New Orleans.

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