007`s Next Target: Pokemon!

The first thing any good secret agent wants to know when setting out on his assignment is: “Who is my target?” This weekend has clarified who Bond must target and knock off in the United States next weekend, when The World Is Not Enough is set to debut Friday, November 19th. Based on preliminary data from Exhibitor Relations and Friday`s box office performance of the top ten grossing films, it`s clear Bond`s next big challenge is Pokemon!

Friday`s Top Ten Box Office Performers (USA)

(average indicates per-theatre average)

1. Pokeman: The First Movie – $9 million, 2,901 screens, $3,127 average
2. The Bone Collector – $3.8 million, 2,587 screens, $1,477 average
3. Dogma – $3 million, 1,260 screens, $2,409 average
4. The Messenger -$2.9 million, 2,147 screens, $1,393 average
5. Anywhere But Here — $1.9 million, 1,673 screens, $1,136 average
6. The Bachelor – $1.7 million, 2,524 screens, $677 average
7. The Insider – $1.5 million, 1,833 screens, $837 average
8. House on Haunted Hill – $1.4 million, 2,350 screens, $555 average
9. Double Jeopardy – $980,000, 2,110 screens, $464 average
10. The Sixth Sense – $810,000, 1,418 screens, $571 average

(info provided by exhibitor relations)

Based on this information, we predict Pokemon to come out of the three day weekend with a cumulative box office take of $27 to $30 million dollars. Can Bond overtake the Pokemon juggernaut before doing battle with “Toy Story 2” and Arnold Shwarzeneggar`s “End of Days”? Absolutely.

In context, Goldeneye opened up it`s initial USA 3 day weekend run back in 1995 with $26.2 million dollars and went on to gross an estimated $105 million dollars. In 1997 Tomorrow Never Dies opened up against Titanic with slightly more than $25 million dollars but stayed strong and went on to gross an estimated $135 million dollars in the United States. With better reviews and a better, more high profile cast, The World Is Not Enough should have no problem beating both records held by Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies to become the box office champ in North America, if only for a week.

007Forever is forecasting a total box office take for The World Is Not Enough somewhere between $140 and $160 million dollars. Be certain to check this site out Saturday evening, November 20th, for news updates on The World Is Not Enough`s box office take and performance across the country.

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