007 Magazine And JBIFC Offices Expanded

The James Bond oo7 International Fan Club moved to their new offices over the Christmas season `99 in preparation for expanding JBIFC sales, services and an improved and expeanded 007 Magazine for subscribers.

JBIFC President Graham Rye is glad the Christmas move came but one time as an incredible labor of love went into their new digs in the UK and the forthcoming magazine issues.

Three exciting issues of “Oh-Oh 7” MAGAZINE will be published later this year, with the second part of JBIFC`s in-depth look at You Only Live Twice to be mailed to JBIFC members/subscribers later this month. Issue #37, a Desmond Llewellyn tribute, will be published during September. The 21st Anniversary Issue #38 follows in November. (Hey, I can remember reading “007” cover-to-cover to watch the “battle of the Bonds” when Connery and Moore were in theaters the same summer!)

Both issues #37 and #38 will feature 7 added color pages within the 48-page magazines. Including the full-cover front and back covers, this brings 22 color pages each issue to JBIFC members, just in time for JBIFC`s Anniversary Celebration at Pinewood Studios.

–Thanks to Graham Rye and JBIFC for sharing previews of their upcoming 007 magazine issues with us.

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